Large Business Loan

Large Loan
Loan Size
More than USD$300,000
Interest Rate (Fixed)
9% p.a. (Negotiable)
Types of Repayment
Bullet or Installment (Monthly Base)
Max. 10 Years (Negotiable)
Property (Hard Titles)
Margin of Advance / Loan to Value
Max. 70%
Processing Fee
Lawyer's Fee
Insurance Coverage (If no insurance for Vacant Land)
Early / Advanced Loan Repayment
Negotiable (or Waived)
Installment is strongly encouraged to apply
Borrower's Main Eligibility Requirement
  • Being the majors (Age 20 – 50 years old)
  • Having good history, reputation and attitude
  • Permanent resident of the city or province
  • Stable employment or self employment
  • Regular and adequate income
  • Debt Service Ratio ≥ 1.5 times
  • Collateral
Document Requirement for Individual Loan Processing
  • National ID Card / Passport of Borrower and/or Guarantor
  • Copies of family / Residential Book
  • Employment contract
  • Last 6 months of salary slips
  • Employer’s Reference Letter on monthly salary / Income
  • Statement of Income and Expense (last 12 months)
  • Loan account and agreement, if any
  • Bank account statement for the past 12 months (Saving and/or Current)
  • Certificate of Loan Balance and Repayment History – Form provided by bank
  • Customer’s Liabilities Status – Form provided by CHIEF bank
  • Photostat of tiltle deeds of property(ies) to be mortgaged
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement of the property(ies)
  • Valuation Report of the property(ies)
  • Biography of borrowers, If any
  • List of property (ies) owned together with tittle deed or letter of ownership
  • List of property (ies) rental together with lease agreement
  • Others, if any
Document Requirement for Corporate Loan Processing
  • National ID Card/Passport of Borrower (CEO or Representative) and/or Guarantor
  • Business License, Business Patent or Certificate of Company Registration
  • Memorandum or Articles of Association (M&A)
  • Financial Statements (Audited if Available) for at least three (3) years and/or Consolidated Financial Statements (if Group holding Company)
  • Company Survey & Business Project Planning – Form provide by bank
  • Customer’s Liabilities Status – Form provided by bank
  • Bank account statement for the latest six (12) months
  • Loan account statement and loan agreement with other banks (if any)
  • Projected Financial Statement for three (3) years
  • Cash Flow Projection Report
  • List of stock value, If any
  • Photostat of title deeds of property(ies) to be mortgaged
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement of the property(ies)
  • Valuation Report of the property(ies) (Please bring along original documents forsighting and verification)
  • Corporate’s organization chat, i.e. Each Entity and Shareholding Percentage
  • History of Company
  • Profiles of Key Managers and Director, if applicable
  • Working paper/Feasibility study of project in hand (copy of the current contract)
  • List of property(ies) owned together with title deeds or letter of ownerships
  • List of property(ies) rental together with lease agreements
  • Copies of Key Contracts, if any
  • Account Receivable Report / Amount
  • Account Payable Report / Amount
  • Annual Report, if any

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