Bank care
Early exposure of children to financial knowledge.
Security and transparency in cash management
Earning high interest rate

Type Rates
Chief Child Account 3.70 %

Product Feature
  • Child is under the age of 18 years old (for Parent/Guardian).
  • Account is operated with "SAVING Account" with NO-ATM Card.
  • Available with both Khmer Riel and US Dollar accounts.
  • Passbook is provided during account opening.
  • Automatic monthly transfer from CHIEF account as per standing instruction to CHILD Account.
  • Account operation by parent/guardian by signing relevant terms and conditions.
  • Locking period of 6 (six) months.
  • Interest is calculated on daily basis and credited to the CHILD-Account on monthly basis.
  • Each child can have only one CHILD-Account for this account type.
  • Minimum initial deposit & Minimum balance requirement of USD25.00 or KHR 100,000.00
  • Annual special events once a year for CHILD by providing lucky draw or/and gifts (subject to change)
Doc’s requirement for CHILD
  • Birth Certificate; or
  • Family Book; or
  • Residential Book; or
  • Passport
  • And a current Photo of CHILD.
Doc’s requirement for Parent/Guardian
  • Cambodia National Identification Card; or
  • Passport
Interest rate
  • Higher basic “Interest Rate” of 3.0% p.a.
  • Bonus Interest Rate of 0.05% will be offered to child every interval of extra deposits up to less than USD9,500:
  • “Interest Rate” of 3.7% p.a will be applied with the total OS deposits from USD9,500.

Terms and Conditions

  • Complied with the product feature mentioned above.
  • After locking period of 6 (six) months, the following terms and conditions are required to apply:
    1. Un-limited deposit and/or transfer to the account by PARENT/GUARDIAN/OTHERS
    2. Withdrawals are allowed to this CHILD-Account.
    3. For foreign CHILD-Account, the only passport is required for operating account for both CHILD and PARENT/GUARDIAN at least for 3-month validity.
    4. All interests earned are subject to withholding tax of 4% (Based on GDT of Cambodia)
    5. Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.

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