Type Rates
Chief Child Account 3.70 %
Product Feature
  • Child is under the age of 18 years old (for Parent/Guardian).
  • Account is operated with "SAVING Account" with NO-ATM Card.
  • Available with both Khmer Riel and US Dollar accounts.
  • Passbook is provided during account opening.
  • Automatic monthly transfer from CHIEF account as per standing instruction to CHILD Account.
  • Account operation by parent/guardian by signing relevant terms and conditions.
  • Locking period of 6 (six) months.
  • Interest is calculated on daily basis and credited to the CHILD-Account on monthly basis.
  • Each child can have only one CHILD-Account for this account type.
  • Minimum initial deposit & Minimum balance requirement of USD25.00 or KHR 100,000.00
  • Annual special events once a year for CHILD by providing lucky draw or/and gifts (subject to change)
Doc’s requirement for CHILD
  • Birth Certificate; or
  • Family Book; or
  • Residential Book; or
  • Passport
  • And a current Photo of CHILD.
Doc’s requirement for Parent/Guardian
  • Cambodia National Identification Card; or
  • Passport
Interest rate
  • Higher basic “Interest Rate” of 3.0% p.a.
  • Bonus Interest Rate of 0.05% will be offered to child every interval of extra deposits up to less than USD9,500:
  • “Interest Rate” of 3.7% p.a will be applied with the total OS deposits from USD9,500.


Terms and Conditions

  • Complied with the product feature mentioned above.
  • After locking period of 6 (six) months, the following terms and conditions are required to apply:
    1. Un-limited deposit and/or transfer to the account by PARENT/GUARDIAN/OTHERS
    2. Withdrawals are allowed to this CHILD-Account.
    3. For foreign CHILD-Account, the only passport is required for operating account for both CHILD and PARENT/GUARDIAN at least for 3-month validity.
    4. All interests earned are subject to withholding tax of 4% (Based on GDT of Cambodia)
    5. Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.

Purpose / Benefit

  1. Bank care
  2. Security and transparency in cash management.
  3. Providing child an opportunity to learn about the advantage of savings and guide each child on the basic knowledge of banking service.
  4. Earning high interest rate.