Vision, Mission, Goal and Philosophy

Vision, Mission, Goal and Philosophy

Our Vision

We are committed to fulfilling customers’ needs and help them succeed financially.

Our Mission

  • Become a full-fledged and most respected bank, having the largest branch networks.
  • Be the “Bank of First Choice” by offering enjoyable experiences.
  • Be the most innovative and efficient foreign bank with a view to guaranteeing and enhancing service excellence.
  • Ensure good corporate governance and compliance in everything we perform.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build broader, deeper and more enduring relationships with our customers, assisting customers at every step on their journeys to wealth, and to deliver long-term value for our shareholders.

Our Philosophy

Maintain highest degree of corporate integrity and professionalism

Engage and serve customers pro-actively and whole-heartedly

Assume proactive corporate social responsibilities

Be one step ahead of others via product innovation and creativity