Chief Bank received its license from the National Bank of Cambodia on 05 December 2013, permitting the Bank to carry out specialized bank businesses in Cambodia. Thanks to the constant expansion of demands for banking services, we are strongly encouraged to expand and diversify our services. On 11 July 2016, Chief Bank was granted an approval-in-principle letter from the National Bank of Cambodia, allowing Chief Bank to meet the necessary requirements for upgrading into a commercial bank. Because of the continued success of Chief (Cambodia) Commercial Bank operations over the past years, it has successfully been upgraded to Chief (Cambodia) Commercial Bank Plc, which is founded by Mr. Chau Chung Kai, our respectful chairman, who is also founder of Chief Group, based in Hong Kong, one of the international financial center in the world.

Chief Group places business integrity ahead of business gains in its long term business strategy, and strictly adheres to corporate social responsibility. Chief is working for a better future for people in the host country, our valued customers, our employees, and society at large. Their success is our success. We have introduced our corporate philosophy ‘The Chief Way’ to guide our team for a serially successful accomplishments and achievements. It is a way to build the mutual trust and partnerships with our customers, the key to shared prosperity, and a way that our business is sincerely conducted with the highest professional ethics possible.

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