Bakong - Chief KHQR

As a member of Bakong mobile payment system, Chief Bank supports KHQR service by providing direct account-to-account transfers for all merchants and individual customers.

Chief Bank provides end-to-end support to merchants from generating their Chief KHQR with their Chief Bank Account to receiving payment notification in Telegram group and Chief Mobile App after the payment is successfully received.

With Chief Mobile App, individual customers can easily scan and make all KHQR payments. They can also generate their own Chief Bank KHQR using Chief Mobile App for receiving funds.

Key Benefit by using KHQR

Customer Perspective:

No more confusion with multiple QR codes stand
Simply look out for the KHQR label
Payment can be made using any app including Bakong App

For merchants:

Display a single KHQR stand to save your counter space
Simple, fast, and secure payment solution
Can accept payment from anyone and any bank app
Contracts with many acquirers anymore

Merchant Eligibility

Type of Merchant

Corporate Merchant / Individual Merchant

Terms and Conditions

  • There are two type of merchants are Corporate Merchant and Individual Marchant.
  • Term and Conditions:

Settlement Account

Saving Account or Current Account

Limitation of Transaction:

Base on the Bakong guideline by our National Bank of Cambodia regulator the Bank follow the limitation as follow:

Type of Transactions Currency (USD) Currency (KHR)
Transfer/Scan KHQR <= 50,000.00 USD / Day <= 200,000,000.00 KHR / Day
Wallets <= 10,000.00 USD / Day <= 40,000,000.00 KHR / Day

Merchant List

To Be Announced

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