Motorbike Loan

Mode of car

Acceptable for all cars

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to USD$50,000.00

Loan to Value Ratio

55% of the purchased car


Third Party Guarantors and/or "not"

Interest Rate

14% per annum (negotiable)

Loan Processing Fee

1% of the loan amount to be deducted at the time of disbursement of loan

Lawyer's Fee


Registration Fee

Ministry of Transportation & Car Number, Borne by Customer

Loan Term

Up to 60 months (5 years)

Early / Advanced Loan Repayment (Full & Partial)

Waived (No penalty)

Borrower's Main Eligibility Requirements
  • Being the majors (Age 20 – 50 years old)
  • Having good history, reputation and attitude
  • Permanent resident of the city or province
  • Stable employment or self employment
  • Regular and adequate income
  • Must have valid driving license
  • Debt Service Ratio ≥ 2 times
Required Documents
  • Application Form
  • Copy of National ID of applicant
  • Copy of Family Book and/or Residence Book of applicant (and Guarantor)
  • Copy of Motorcycle Driving License
  • Copy of Employment contract and Original reference from the employer, stamped and signed by the authorized person
  • Salary certificate for the last 6 months stamped and signed by the authorized person
  • One of the below mentioned documents certifying permanent residence
  • Copy of Land/Property Title Deed of current residence owned by applicant or by Guarantor if the loan is guaranteed by third party
  • Copy of letter from Sangkat certifying the current residence
  • Bank Statement (for the last 6 months), if any
  • Hard / Soft title property (if the facility is secured by real estate collateral).

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions Applied
  • The bank reserves the right to change the above information without prior notice.

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