International Fund Transfer

International Outward Remittance via SWIFT

Our International Outward Remittance offers a convenient, fast, modern and safest money transfer globally through the highly secured and reliable SWIFT system to the recipient.

With SWIFT transfers, your funds will be transferred directly to the beneficiary’s bank account quickly and securely.

Type Currency Comission Cable charge Amendment
International Outward Remittance USD 0.15% or min. USD 20 USD 15 USD 30

Application Forms

To make it convenient, the below is our Outward Remittance Application Form which you can download, print it out and fill in the required information, and bring it to the nearest Chief Bank branch to make payments over our counter.

Application Forms. pdf

International Inward Remittance via SWIFT

Our International Inward Remittance offers a quick transfer of money transfer from oversea globally through SWIFT network of our correspondent banks.

Type Currency Comission Cable charge
International Inward Remittance USD 0.05% or min. USD 5 Free-of-charge

Inward Remittance Instruction

The customer needs to have a bank account with Chief Bank in order to use this service. For all incoming funds transfer from overseas, you may need to provide Mandatory Information to remitter/sender as following:

Field Details Description
56A Intermediary Bank

New York, U.S.A

Swift Code: CITIUS33

57A Beneficiary Bank

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Swift Code: MBBEKHPP

59 Beneficiary Customer’s Name & Address


Account Number: 000180200071707
Address: C-01, St.R11 corner St.70, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

70 Purpose of Payment
72 Sender to Receiver Information

For account of:
[Customer’s account name in CHIEF Bank: ................]
[Customer’s account number in CHIEF Bank: .............]

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