Chief Easy

Chief Easy, be the first digital micro-lending app of Chief Bank. Customers can apply the loan anywhere and anytime up to USD5,000.


Borrower must:

  • Be aged 18 to 60 years’ old
  • Must not be involved in the illegal or harmful business or business prohibited for lending as per bank’s policy
  • Must be in working career for at least 3 months, in case of employment
  • Debt Servicing Ration (DSR) at least 1.2 times
  • Be Cambodia permanent resident, with valid national ID card (3rd generation or above)
  • Saving Account with Chief Bank is required
Required documents

Borrower must prepare the following documents:

  • Valid national ID card (3rd generation or above)
  • Family book
  • Residential book
  • Certification of current residential address certified by local authority, if possible
  • Latest work proof (e.g. staff card, employment contract, business license, or even a photo of workplace), if applicable
  • Income proof within 3 months (e.g. pay slip, invoices, bank statement), if applicable